How To Enhance Your Comfort While Staying As A Hotel Guest

Nobody’s tired of vacations, right? Everybody wants the perfect place, season and most importantly the ideal hotel to spend their holidays. Choosing a right hotel is very important. It should be very comfortable and luxurious with a good and humble home keeping. One could also use the Millennium Hotels voucher code to avail some great discounts on their hotel booking.

Choosing a right hotel

Good hotels always make us find ways to maximise our stay longer. Here, are the 7 ways to optimize your stay in the hotel you’re staying:

•    One can arrive early and stay late: This trick is used by a lot of tourists to extend their stay in the hotel. It is perfect to spend some time in the lounge and enjoy the luxury of the hotel. It mostly happens when one is travelling abroad and needs to check-in in every few days or so.

If one needs to Maximize one’s stay in the hotel and also has a loyalty with a particular hotel group, then one can request for extending their stay by few hours on both ends else even if one isn’t a member of the loyalty program then too asking them for the same isn’t a wrong thing to do. The hotel will try their best to fulfil their request and accommodate them in the hotel.

•    Celebrate an important day: Good hotels know that their clients don’t only come to stay at their place. They may also come for celebrating an important day such as their birthdays, baby shower, anniversary and so on. Thus, this initiates the property to surprise you with small gifts such as a cheese plate, some chocolate covered strawberries, a bottle of champagne or even an early check-in or a let check out.

To Maximize your stay, you could call the hotel in advance and let them know what you’re celebrating to get the arrangements done. You could mention it once again at the front desk casually and say them how happy you’re to celebrate the occasion at their property as sometimes the information provided by you can get shuffled.

•    Do not arrive uneducated: Do not enter a property being clueless. Learn about all the necessary things such as the fees and incidentals, the amenities and other essential things. Also, doing some research about the property you’re going to stay will also let you take advantage of the hotel’s nightly wine as well as the appetiser hour.

Also, before you visit a property look into the hotel’s perks and incidentals and be sure of them by speaking with the agent once you arrive. Do not forget to ask the agent too about the insider information which could make your stay more enjoyable and worthier to Maximize it for some more time.

•    Be aware of your rights: You must make sure that you talk that talk when the times comes, be it for a room change, an upgrade or lodging a complaint. To prove the fact that you’re a frequent traveller who is aware of your rights to use hotel’s perquisites such as loyalty, satisfaction or guest profile reinforces.

For example, if you need a room upgrade do ask for it. If it isn’t available ask for a room of the same category, but maybe a better location and then if you aren’t happy with the results to make a complaint.

•    Loyalty is as equal as royalty: It’s evident that most of you do not book a presidential suite for yourselves or throw money like a celeb. Thus, the only thing which comes handy in this situation is your loyalty program. Knowing your loyalty program will help you earn perks which otherwise wouldn’t have, been possible.

If you’re a member of a hotel, then check their rewards for complimentary nights, vouchers, extras and so on.

•    Making small requests are completely fine: Never hesitate to make small requests to the hotel staff. If the hotel is four star or above, they won’t mind doing little things for their customers. You could ask them for an extra pillow, ear plug, slippers, coffee or a pint-sized robe.

Your request will immediately be fulfilled because they always have extra sundry items just for you.

•    Be gracious and friendly to the staff: One essential thing is to be gracious and friendly to the hotel staff. Behave gently and also tip well before you leave.

Doing these few easy things is sure to help you in the long run and help you to increase your comfort while staying as a hotel guest.

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